Poriginal Gallery is an exhibition space run by Pori Art Museum, whose exhibitions are selected through an annual open call. In 2025, the gallery will move to the Art Museum building. The exhibitions will focus on contemporary art. The call for exhibitions is open regardless of the artist’s place of residence. 

Poriginal Gallery’s new space will be in a separate exhibition room next to the lobby of the Pori Art Museum, measuring 5.86 x 12.15 metres and covering 71 square metres. The Poriginal Gallery is open to the public free of charge. 

The gallery’s exhibitions are selected through a call for applications, which is held once a year whenever possible. Exhibitions are selected by members of the museum’s staff and one specially invited guest member of the jury.  

The exhibition period is 8 weeks including the days for hanging and dismantling. Hanging of the exhibition will take place from Tuesday to Thursday, with the opening on the Friday of the hanging week at 6 pm. Dismantling will happen on Monday after the last week of opening. Hanging and dismantling work must be carried out during museum opening hours or between 9am and 5pm on Mondays. 

No rent is charged for the exhibition space at Poriginal Gallery. Selected artists will be paid an exhibition fee of €500 per exhibition. 

The artist is responsible for the content and costs of the exhibition. The Art Museum does not curate the exhibitions but offers to facilitate curatorial discussion on the planning of exhibitions.  

The artist will take care of the hanging and dismantling of the exhibition. The Art Museum will provide one employee to assist with the hanging. The artist will have a limited number of tools and AV equipment at their disposal. Due to the fast hanging and dismantling schedule of the Poriginal Gallery’s exhibition cycle, and in order to diminish the ecological burden of changing exhibitions, extensive structures or modification of the space are not recommended for Poriginal Gallery’s exhibition plans.   

The artist will take care of the transport of the works and any insurance that may be required. 

The museum will be responsible for cleaning, opening and supervision of the exhibition space. 

An electronic invitation to the exhibition will be made in collaboration with the Art Museum, in accordance with the Museum’s graphic guidelines. 

The artist will prepare written material for the exhibition (e.g. list of works and CV). A press release will be produced in collaboration with the museum. The museum will send out an electronic exhibition invitation and announcement through its own communication channels and through the museum’s social media. 

In the event of a sale, the Art Museum will direct contacts directly to the artist or the artist’s representative and will not charge a commission on sales. 

For the year 2025, six exhibitions are available at the Poriginal Gallery. The open call for the 2025 exhibition programme is 1.4. –30.4.2024. 


The application file is submitted as a single pdf file with a maximum size of 5 MT.
Each application will be acknowledged as received. If no acknowledgement is received, please contact us by phone +358-44-7014737.

More information:

Kai Ruohonen
Producer, Poriginal Gallery
+358 44 701 4737